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Hey there! M here, a girl who’s one part musical, one part intellectual, and all-around quirky. I have an affinity to read and write [until my eyes hurt]. I also play the piano and sing (as an alto!), which helps me unwind and put all my emotions into a stream of melodies. As a knowledge-hungry girl, it has been my passion to fill my brain with random bits of useful and useless information. Art has been a form of solace for me, whether it’s literature, music, or visual. Every moment of my life has been based on finding myself within art, and there are too little words to explain the importance of it to me. These days, you can find me playing the piano, photographing my adventures, and reading.


Hey guys, it’s K! I’m a reader, a writer, a blogger, a musician, and most of the time, you can find me in my room crying over…something. Anything. Books, fanfiction, k-dramas, watching interviews, you name it. Music is also a huge part of my life; it calms me down and helped me get through some hard times. Although I am the opposite of athletic, I adore ice skating and swimming. I don’t know if it’s the graceful rhythm of the skates hitting the ice, or the feeling of water flowing around me, but I always know that it can get me relaxed and focused.

I love books, loved them ever since I picked up my first chapter book. Even when I was in 1st grade, I would pester my mom until she let me go to the library to get some new books. Reading gives me freedom; it lets me escape from reality and dive into the wonderful world of books.



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